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The Podere's recipe

Oil and Spelt

6 serves :
  • 350g organic pearl spelt Podere del Vescovo

  • 400g vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers)

  • 1 dl extra virgin olive oil Green Label

  • Pecorino cheese

Boil the spelt in salted water for 16 min. Drain and lock the cooking by rinsing in cold water. Fry the diced vegetables for 10 min. in a pan with two tablespoons of oil , add salt and pepper. Prepare a plenty of chopped basil and stir to 0.8 dl oil; add the mixture to the farro along with the diced vegetables, pecorino shavings and serve.

The farm grows all its products according to organic farming principles, respecting the ancient rural tradition, suited to respect and love for this land.

Podere oil

Organic olive oil is produced exclusively with proprietary olives, using in addition to traditional cultivars, a percentage of Seggianese olives that make it unique.

Red wine Toscano IGT

The wine production project was inspired by the favorable location of the estate located in the whereabouts of Montecucco, land of ancient wine tradition.

The Pearl Spelt

Triticum dicoccum is the most ancient type of cultivated spelt. Rich in fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals, is a cereal with excellent nutritional properties.

Biologic Chickpea "maremmano"

Cicer arietinum is leguminous plant already known to the ancient Egyptians, used in cuisines all over the world

The products are on sale at the farm: you can order them and receive them by courier.
The Podere del Vescovo company guarantees all the biological chain of its products, certified by the inspectionCertification IT BIO 007 A50L.

Podere del Vescovo
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