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Glimpses of Podere del Vescovo
The rustic, now suitable for accommodation following to a radical and recent renewing, is located near the crest of the hill, at an altitude of about 300 m. The upper part of the slope is planted with olive groves and vineyards, crops favored by a microclimate characterized by a constant ventilation and a strong thermal excursion. The olive grove is located in the highest part of the property, with a over 5000 trees in production. The vineyard only occupies the part suited to a high quality production.
The sloping part to the Ente river is planted with cereals, such as wheat and barley, with a rotation of the product types in accordance with a natural balance of the soil. The farm declines towards a forested area lapped by the Ente that washes a small piece of property called Podere Molino, where an old farmhouse is surrounded by wooded scrub and olive trees.
The forest is mainly composed of oaks and holm oaks and the undergrowth is full of brooms, pittosporums, viburnum and several examples of spontaneous tree species; also it is the natural habitat of wild boars, foxes, deer, squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, hares ...
Care of the forest area is subject to careful maintenance and cutting plan.
The agronomic part of the property complies with the punctuality of organic farming criteria, guaranteed and certified by BioAgriCert thus ensuring to operators and guests of the farm, an environment which respecs nature.




Podere del Vescovo - Montenero d'Orcia / Castel del Piano (GR)